Real Name :   Mohamed Mounir Mohamed
Aba Yazed Gebreel Metwally
assumed name :  The King
Birthday :    10 October 1954
Birth Place :    Egypt , Aswan , El nuba , El derr old villages
Education : Faculty Of Applied Arts

Mounir receive his instruction early and spent his time in old Nuba

before migrate with his family to New Nuba (Kom - Ombo ) after sank Nuba country under the waters of Lake Nasser behind the High Dam in the early "70s", Mounir remember on his childhood that he used to singing in his old hometown of occasions & located anywhere in the singing, talent has been encouraged to sing ; his elder brother "Farouk", which also has good voice and after he finished his High-School he moved to Cairo for university entry.

 Graduated from the Department of Cinematography Polytechnic University of Helwan, Mounir's functional began when the poet listened to him . Abdul Rahim Mansour) and said that a "This boy who coming from the south will be the new voice of Egypt " . Then they was joined by the great composer (Ahmed Mounib) who is considered " The Spiritual Father "of Mounir and then came the recruitment of Mounir. And in the army Mounir was used to reviving many concerts in several regions and the military singing & he is wearing the (Alavarrol) - as he put it - in this concerts listened to Mounir no less than half a million young recruits were ousted from the army & are known singer faced Lank coming from the south his name (Mohammed Mounir), thus how Mounir began his artistic career & half million young people supports him in his way.

 The most important characteristic of his generation that he came to Cairo and he was carrying a new integrated project music differs from his predecessors in the art of singing supported stocks in the minds of Mounir, was just looking for a productive, the real start of him after he finishing Army & admission musician (Hani Shenouda), which is added to the tripartite technical frequently & distribution of Western character , but he brought members of his new band (The Egyptians) to sing in the first album of Mounir (Alemony Eneki) This was followed by an album produced by the same company (Sonar), which is satisfied that group, then joined by ( Yehia Khalil ) and his band, followed by successes in consecutive albums product of full cooperation with (Yehia Khalil) young composers, writers and adults & varied experiences and enriched trend Mounir to drama and the involvement of Western bands also, singing & dialects Chamie,Sudanese & Egyptians in what has knew as the music of the generation

 Mounir was marked by automatic performance and abroad on the ethics of performance known to Egyptians, not seen in a suit or a firm moves to the microphone and nervous, The tone of hybrid between Cairo& Aswan dialects also connected with first grade poets of the vernacular Egyptian and adversity free Romantique tone that prevailed since late "90th" century and music separate from the classical music classics, made many of audience refuse him, but he impacted in many of the young audience of the festivals, and then reached out to all groups, his fans called him " The King " alluding to the famous political album name.Mounir has been able to break in the 1990s his image of intellectuals singer and became familiar to hear in the street, Mohammed Mounir was the first one to introduce the instrumentalists foreigners (Germans and French) , also he gain several titles including this : ( Son of the Nile , The Black Pearl , Voice of Egypt , Freedom Lover )

 The important thing that distinguished Mounir and make him the top of the sing pyramid that he was started his career in cooperation with the biggest and best poets & composers in Egypt like:

Poets : Abdul Rahim Mansour , Salah Gahin , Abdul Rahman El Abnodi ,

Magdy Nagib , Fo'ad Haddad , Ahmed Fou'ad Negm .

 Composers : Ahmed Mounib , Balegh Hamdy Hany Shenouda ,

Hamdy Ra'oof , Aziz El Naser , Wageh Aziz


Name :    Shrief Adle Samy Nour " Shrief Nour "
play :  keyboard " The Leader "

Name :   Roman Bunka
play :  Lute - Guitar

Name :    Abd-Allah Helme
play :  Kawala - Nai

Name :    Mohamed Azmy " MAMY "
play :  Guitar " BASS "

Name :   Yasser El-Delgawy
play :  Guitar " Spanish - Electric "

Name :    Hazem Abd El-Kader
play :  Drums

Name :    Ayman Sedki
play :  Berkshan

Name :    Ashraf Saadan
play :  DOF

Name :    Reda Henkesh
play :  Tabla

Name :    Ashraf Abd El-Menam
play :  Tabla

Name :    Mahmoud Abu El-Yazeed
play :   Mounir Manager
Name :    Mohamed Nader
play :   Administrator Team
Name :    Ali Sedky
play :   Sound Engineer

Name :    Ahmed Essam
play :   Special Effects " Fireworks "